workflow - reminder after 20 min the last modification.

I’m trying create a reminder after 5 min the last modification. but don’t work, if try with other option like quote stage, the action worked OK.
thanks for your help…


This condition line works for me. (I tested this on v7.4.3)

When using this condition line, what do you mean by it doesn’t work?

Could you clarify?:

i.e, Does anything appear in the “Process Audit” section of the workflow when using this condition line?
If so, what?

What kind of action are you trying to perform alongside this condition line?

Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the top section of the workflow? (i.e, the part that contains the information like “Module” or “Run On:”)

Hi John,
thank for you time.
When I try to use this condition, Doesn’t anything appear in the “Process Audit”.

I deleted for testing the condition line “date modified” and working (Send the email), I think this mean that the cron, it’s working.

I have something like this but I’m confused with this workflow and mine in the conditions maybe @Will can help
check my attachment

The Main idea is the follow
Wen an opportunity have more the 2 days since the last modification send an email to the contact in that opportunity and assigned person.