Workflow Relate Field

I have some workflows where I send a follow up email a few days after the quote has been created if it’s not won/lost yet.

I’m sending it to the related contact to the quote. I just recently stopped working. It’s triggering but failing and the error in the log is “invalid to: field”

So in the “to” I’m using relate contacts:contact BUT there is also contacts:contacts (note first one has no “s”)

Anyone know the difference? Which one should I use?

There’s also accounts:account and accounts:accounts

There is a bug with variable replacements, maybe that’s what you’re getting

This might also be useful reading

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Thanks @pgr I read through those, I know those issues well. I experience them daily LOL. The issue I’m experiencing is in the workflow where you relate the “to:” to populate the email address. They are all proper contacts so no issues with variable names. To clarify I’m talking about the workflow action not the email template it sends.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

Do you know between which SuiteCRM versions did this stop working?

From a quick look, I think the relevant code is around here

Maybe you could try seeing what is going on there, but it would be better if you could compare this with a system where this is working…

Ok, so I changed contacts:contact which worked before to contacts:contacts and now it’s working? There must have been a code change that changes the name of the module. Difficult to pinpoint which version I was on that was the last that works, but it definitely works with the contacts:contacts relation selected.

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