WorkFlow questions

We currently build PCs that we run a script that gets information from the machine and emails it to a google group. We save all the emails there for later use. The email format is always the same. What I am wanting to do is :IF possible is have a Workflow check the group or retrieve the email , take the individual parts of the body of the email and insert that info into fields in a SuiteCRM module? I thought about directly inserting the info into the table but that wouldn’t create the record in the module would it?

Thanks for any ideas anyone can offer.

I recently did a nice integration (from SuiteCRM into Google Contacts) using Zapier (and another site they have called Zapier Email Parser).

But doing it in the other direction requires a Zapier integrator. They have one for SugarCRM 6.5, which should work, but it seems to be payed.

You can develop the customization yourself, use the API.

You can also put data in the database directly, as long as you respect the structure and formats the data will appear in your modules, yes.

I tried to insert into the table, but it looked like without the ID assigned to a new record it would not show it as a new record

There is no special magic to SuiteCRM database ids, as long as they are unique, they work. You can set an id for a record like “2” or “helloworld”, it works the same as of those like “8e670048-5f63-a9e7-5dbb-59d8bca03ee5”.

Which kind of record are you trying to add? Maybe what your missing is setting up a relationship? You can compare with existing records to see how they appear in the database when they are newly created.

Ok so If I wanted to make a new module and setup a one to many relationship with Accounts, I should be able to do a simple insert of the data to the fields I need with a unique ID and be able to have a tab in each account for the records linked to that account.

Yes. Do as much as you can from within Studio (setting up the relationships and layouts) and create a few relationships from the UI to see how it is saved in the database.

Then use SQL to INSERT your new records and finally, INSERT your new relationship records pointing to them.

Thanks I have other questions but will start a new thread.