Workflow question

I have a workflow where I want to create a project task (Task 2) after a different project task (Task 1) is completed. I have it set like this for my settings:

My problem is that I can’t get the project ID (The Name of the Project) from setting it up like this. Does anyone know how I can get the Project Name, so that I can assign the new project task to that project?

I get this error from the suitecrm.log file:

[ERROR] Unable to get proper side for link project_name_link

I can’t test this now, but I can at least explain that the “ID” will be something that looks somewhat like this:


You can get this from any record in the CRM, namely project tasks, by examining the end of the URL in that records detail view. It is the part that comes after a “=” sign, or the “%3D” code (which means precisely the same as “=”). So, for example, the id above could was retrieved from this URL:

Now you know something interesting, but…

You probably don’t want to mess with internal codes, you just want to use something readable. But I don’t know, if a “Name” field isn’t available from the fields list in the Workflow, you might be a bit stuck… I guess it should be there…