Workflow question

Hi Everyone,

First post here so please be “gentle”.

In any version of SuiteCRM I installed I can’t find the Workflow module anywhere… And i mean anywhere … I have 3 Vbox VM instances (SuiteCRM 7.8.6, 7.8.7 and 7.9.6) over Ubuntu/LAMP at the moment all for POC and functionality testing, on none of them can I find the Workflow module. I can see the AOW in the modules directory, I see the module name in “Display Modules and Subpanels” under the “Displayed modules”, if I go to “Schedulers” the “Process Workflow Tasks” is active,in the “Studio” there’s no workflow module, If i do a Rebuild I can see (AOW_Action not Audit Enabled… Audit table for AOW_WorkFlows already exists. skipping… AOW_Processed not Audit Enabled… AOW_Condition not Audit Enabled…) but still can’t find any workflow module anywhere …

Can anyone shed some light on this clueless user??

Hi, welcome to the SuiteCRM community!

It should simply be in the “All” menu, accessible from the top menu of every screen. I don’t think you need to be an admin to access the module.

Thanks for the help mate!