Workflow Process Audits Size Too Huge

Hey Everyone,

We have lots of workflows implemented in our systems and it runs quite frequently (around every 2-5 minutes). Due to this the size of tables “aow_processed” and “aow_processed_aow_actions” is going haywire (around 18+GB). The system has been up and running only for about 2 months.
I tried to prune the above tables on a test machine and realized it then fires ALL the workflows again (even the one with repeated runs off) which is going to create a huge problem if done on production.

Can anyone suggest a workaround for this? Help would be much appreciated!

Came across some older posts regarding this and there does not seem to be a definitive solution. Still looking into it.

This was discussed recently here

but I don’t know exactly how to fix it. There’s a link to a forum post there, which includes an SQL command to clear the database.

Thanks pgr. I’ve read those and it seems like the only solution is to delete all process/action records belonging to specific workflow IDs, especially the ones with repeated runs checked.