Workflow or __? to move emails among folders

Today we have groups of people that access shared inboxes in Outlook to handle customers’ transactional emails.

We’re considering a model where all transactional emails go to one email address… like "". Ideally we’d use CRM to organize the inbound email flow based on CRM data…

We’d have these emails picked up and routed into certain customer “group” folders based on a field’s data at either the Account or Contact, so if we have say
1000 customers in the “A” group
2000 customers in the “B” group
we’d have the “A” emails come in and be recognized as such and get put into an “A” folder in the group inbox, and the “B” emails come in and be put into the “B” folder.

Is it possible to do this email movement in SuiteCRM? I’ve also looked at using AlineaSol Workflow Manager for this kind of thing and can’t get any traction on using it with the Emails module. The WFM app acts odd and shows blanks for field names among other things.

Thanks in advance…