Workflow on All Current Records

What settings in workflow do I set to have it run on all current/future records.

In Contacts module I created a text field that copies the account name linked with that record. But I need to run on all current contacts as well a new ones that are made. Thank you.

make two separate Workflows

  • one for all records, NO repeated runs, let it run once (may take a long time), then disable it

  • one just for new or modified records, leave this one active

What do I select for condition? It seems if i dont put in a condition it does not trigger.

I don’t think this is accurate, normally you wouldn’t need conditions

Something that might be confusing your tests:

An “all records” workflow can take minutes or hours to execute - so it might still be ongoing, you might be seeing some effects, but not all

And since it’s got Repeated Runs turned off, when you make a second test it might not trigger for those records which have already ran.

If it’s a simple update, consider also making it directly from the database with phpMyAdmin.

So I set it to All records with no condition but it only runs on newly created records that were created after the workflow was made (last screenshot) but it does not run on all.

Is it possible that you haven’t configured your cron jobs correctly yet?

Because new (and modified) records launch their Workflows from within SuiteCRM (on save), whereas “all records” need to be launched from the Scheduler job.

Check Admin / Schedulers. You have instructions at the bottom, and you can go into the “Workflows” job and check the field “last ran sucessfully” to confirm if it’s operational.

Thanks @pgr I got it working after configuring the cron jobs.

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