Workflow not working in Demo

This is strange, I’ve been playing around with you demo site, and I tried to create workflows, simple ones. For example: Send an email when an opportunity sales stage had been modified to “Closed win”. But none of them work. Can anyone tell me why? Am I missing something?

Thanks, Timea

Hi Timea,

The cron job for the demo server is not set up due to the traffic and usage on the demo instance.



Oh, ok. Is it possible to modify a related module of the module that I’ve put the condition on? For example: if a Contact’s field meets the condition -> make modification in the Account’s field that is related to this Contact?

Thanks, Timea

Hi Timea

You can install SuiteCRM on any computer you already own and set it all up to work. Windows with xampp, linux PC, even an AWS free instance. It is a lot more instructive than playing with the demo and you can then set things up to make workflows work.