Workflow not triggering

Hello, I have created a workflow to send an email when an invoice is past due (AOS Invoices).

The following conditions have been set:

1 Invoices Due Date Equal To Date Now - 1 Days
2 Invoices Status Equal To Value Unpaid

However, the condition never triggers. At first I thought it was because the duedate was a datetime field rather than just a date field but I checked the database and the field is set to date. Not sure why it is not triggering. If I use “less than or equal to” it does work however this will obviously not work for the purpose of this workflow.

Any suggestions?

Less than or equal to now +1 days will work for the purpose of your workflow.



If you do configure it as you say, wouldn’t it cause it to continue to send the email every day? I only want it to send the e-mail once.

I wonder if you managed to solve the issue. I’ve just encountered the very same thing and got stuck looking for a solution.