Workflow not saving checked value in condition

I’m trying to create a workflow that updates a custom date field called Consult in the Accounts module. This should happen whenever my users select a custom check-box field when logging a call in the Calls module. (Note, I have renamed the Accounts module to Taxpayers.)

I think I have the logic correct. However, I don’t know for sure because when I save the workflow, it deselects the value in my condition.

Also, after saving the workflow, I would expect for it to show the Action variables just as the Condition variables are displayed in the Conditions section. However, it doesn’t show anything. Although when I edit the workflow, the variables are in fact still there.

Hi there,

We have added a custom field to calls named consult and checked the value and saved. This seems to save as expected. Can you perform a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair and then return to the module and press Ctrl+Shift+K(Firefox)/Ctrl+Shift+J(Chrome) and edit/save the record to see if any errors are outputted in the log?