Workflow: Multiselect equal to one of not working

Hi all,

I tried several times and it seems that the workflow will not run if I have a multiselect and applied “Equal to” “one of” in the condition.
Can you please suggest any solution for this?

Version 7.9.12

Can you try this on the live demo, the one that has admin access?

If it also doesn’t work there, then please open an issue for this on Github…

Hi pgr,

When I tried a simple workflow when the meeting subject is equal to ‘aaa’ it worked.
But when I tried to add a multiselect condition such as lead source equal to one of “selected values”, it did not worked.

You’re purple here, and indigo there, but I assume it was you who opened this issue :slight_smile:

Hi pgr,

yes it’s me. same person. :slight_smile: