Workflow module possibilies

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I’m fresh in SuiteCRM and want to as if Workfolw module has below possibility:

Consider that we are going to automate some procedures in company. let’s think we want to create automatic procedure for pilot projects. As the sales team requested it it should start and send this request to support team, then support team should call potential customer and check some requirements (we should have a check list for each requirement), after that in next step the task should be passed to procurement department to prepare requirements of project. In next step task will go to support again to implement the pilot project. We want to do it in a way that none of members of different departments can do mistakes and everything be done step by step and after filling or confirming special requirements of each step.

This is what I have as a workflow in my mind but I’m not sure if it’s possible in SuiteCRM or not. Please help me in this case and give me an example of such case if you have done it previously to understand how we can do it.


the Workflows module won’t manage that entire workflow for you. You can think of it as “when X happens in a record, do action Y”, not more than that.

But what you want is perfectly possible to achieve with other bits and pieces. try playing with SuiteCRM, there’s an online demo, or you can install one locally.

I suggest using some custom field (a dropdown) in he Projects module with the stages in your process; then you can use workflows to check conditions and do stuff when the status changes.

You can also use Security Groups to make the records visible to one group of users and invisible to another as the stage changes.

Thank you, but I didn’t get my answer. It doesn’t matter how we should do it, I’m looking for a solution to implement the procedure in SuiteCRM, you may say that you need combine different modules functionalities to achieve this goal, that’s fine. As you seems experience in SuiteCRM, is it possible to reach such goal (automating the company different procedures) in SuiteCRM (after making some bain storms)?

It is possible, certainly. I’m not sure if you will be able to pull it all off only working from the UI; a budget (even a small one) for code customizations is usually a great thing to include in a CRM project.

Dear All

Please suggest us how to solve our problem with SuiteCRM. Consider that one of our employees has called someone and then log it in CRM as a new call, now, the user wants to inform another user about what happened during call and for sure the new user is who should continue and follow the call.

Also please review my first post under this topic. I have told a Pilot Project, pilot project is some routine work in our company. That is an example of our routine works, so please help me how to solve what I have explained in my first post without Project module (as those are not projects) and with workflow moduel

Thank you

Have you looked into the Assignment mechanism? Every record in SuiteCRM has an “Assigned to” field. You can pass records along from one person to the next by assigning. You can also “Mass assign” from the List view.

Then it’s easy to filter out records by that field. And Dashlets on the front page can show worklists (My calls, My leads, etc),

Assignment has a problem, sometimes we need to assign something to someone and also inform some other users, only inform them. Like when we assign a record to someone and also want to inform his/her manager or any other user from different department. Do you have any idea?

Just make a Workflow to react to the assignment and send an email to the second person.

This way we need to send mail in case of any assignment, correct?
Isn’t it possible to send the user any kind of in-app notification/alert?

Workflows have conditions that you can use to select which assigments you want to trigger the email. The best way to learn Workflows is to read the Documentation and then play with them, try different things to see what works, better.

You could access the in-app notifications from a logic hook (think of it as a Workflow written in PHP code) - but not from the Workflow UI, sorry.

Another thing you can do is extend the assignment mechanism with Security Groups. This is powerful but it is also complex. So instead of notifying other people, you would instead make records visible to them by tweaking security groups. So they could accompany the work by viewing their own work-lists.

My advice is to start with the Workflows, learn about conditions, try a few tests with them:

pleas tell me more about Logic Hook

Come on, you have a Documentation site, you have Google, I’m sure you can find it…