Workflow - modify record related another record

Is posible create an action to modify a record

  • Module DocuSign was change (Update to state Completed)
    The parent id was related by AOS_Contracts
    So i want to modify the fields on module Accounts related to AOS_Contracts

    I try to use the button related but when assign modify > Account all fields showed to DocuSign, i required fields to AOS_Contracts

in a few words I want to clone AOS_Contracts to Account (some fields) when DocuSign.state changed


Just to be sure, you want to Update fields on a Contract’s Account, when the Contract’s Docusign is set to “Completed”. is that right?

If so, I’m not sure if you could achieve this in one workflow, but you might be able to do this in two.

For example:

You could create a new Checkbox field on Contracts, called something like “DocuSign Completed”)
Then create two workflows:

Workflow 1 on DocuSign Module:
Condition to run when the Docusign record has set to “Completed”
Update the “DocuSign Completed” checkbox on the Contract to “True”/“Checked”

Workflow 2 on Contracts Module:
Condition to run when the “Docusign Completed” field has been checked
Update the related Account fields as you see fit

(Hopefully the above makes sense)

Alternatively, if you have some PHP knowledge, or codebase access, you could do this through a custom logic hook:

Hopefully the above gives some guidance

Im developer, so the fast solution was the hook after_save it works fine!
the first solution its better to, it never occurred to me

thank you