workflow modify record is not working properly


I noticed an issue and I don’t know how to resolve it, can anyone please guide me?

I created a workflow where it should fire if the meeting is “install meeting”.
It should be able to modify the sale stage of the contact into “Sale”.

When I create the meeting, it doesn’t change the sale stage of the contact.
But if I update it, the sale stage is updated into “Sale”.

I attached the screenshot of my workflow.

Try adding a condition to check where the ‘Contact ID’ is not equal to blank. Is there a contact actually related to that meeting?

Hi Will,

Yes there is a related contact.

“Contact” and contact name is selected in the ‘relate to’ field.

It seems that the workflow was not triggered when I am creating the meeting.
It is only triggered when I am updating the meeting.


I am still having issues with regards to this.
The workflow is not triggered to modify the contact module when i created a meeting.
But it works only when I modify the meeting.
Did I miss something?

indigo, did you get it work eventually?

Did it got resolved for you ?I am facing a similar issue where the workflow is only triggering while creating a new record and not while modifying it . I am setting it for All records , Always , Rerun ticked in settings