I have created a workflow with an action of meeting under specified conditions
Although the meeting is created as an activity , it is not shown in the calendar
Also i tried to create a meeting (without a workflow) and again it is not shown in the calendar
Is there something i am missing?

Please always tell us your SuiteCRM version.

Try this on the live demo, to see if the problem also appears there: (user:will, pass: will)

Version 7.11.3
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

i tried it and if i create a meeting it is shown to calendar without any problem
but through a workflow the meeting is not appeared in the calendar
Altough both activities are shown to the selected opportunity as calls or meetings

is there any issue with the workflow i create or with my version?

Check if your workflow is filling in all required fields. Or just try filling in more fields to see if it appears in the Calendar.

In the link above there are the fields i have filled

as i can see there are all the required but again no result in the calendar and in the reminder

there are many choices in the action.Are there any proposals? so to not having all of them except for the required

This is a working Call creation Workflow that I have in a production system:

i did the same actions as you have but without result

you can see below my workflow, my calendar and the activity which is created

i do not know what is going wrong
i can not understand why the activity is not shown in the calendar
thanks in advance

I had a look in the database and it seems that a call only appears in the Calendar when it has an entry in table “calls_users”.

I’m not sure if you will be able to do this from a Workflow, maybe with “create relationship”…

If not, then you will have to use a Logic hook instead of a Workflow, so that you can have more control using PHP and Bean objects.

Thanks a lot for your support
I will have a look to those you said me
So i suppose that it is the same thing for the meetings

Hi again,
I would like to ask if through a workflow there is an option of the reminder
because i have created a workflow with all the fields you suggested to me and with the reminder
but when the call is created unfortunately the reminder is not activated although that it is shown in the calendar and in the activities

Have you checked if your reminders are working, in general? I mean, if you create a reminder not from a workflow, but from the normal UI, does the reminder function normally?

Yes the reminders are working fine except those which are from a workflow
Your reminders through the workflow which you have created are working fine?

Reminders are stored in a different table…

Are you trying to set up an email reminder, or a reminder inside the app?

And which fields did you set exactly, when you tried?

I am trying through a workflow to set an activity reminder(for calls, meetings)
what do you mean in different table?
Below the link with the fields in the workflow

You are only setting the “reminder time” field in the call, which controls how early before the actual time, the reminder will occur.

But if you created a normal reminder from the normal module, there would be more data getting saved, not just this field. In the database, this is in a table called reminders.

So the Workflow would require a second Action with “Create record”, on the “Reminders” module. The problem is that it doesn’t give you that option, it’s a special module, I guess.

Have you ever tried writing a logic hook? It would be much simpler there. Are you a PHP developer, or can you get one?

No i am not a PHP developer. So the only option about getting a reminder in the activities would be a php code, right?

thanks in advance