Workflow issue

I am trying the Workflow module and cannot seem to get it to work. I am simply defining that if a PROJECT Status is NOT COMPLETE, a new PROJECT TASK record should be added.
Attached is a screenshot of the entry used but no record is created in the project tasks.
Am I doing something wrong or how do i create new tasks automatically when a Project is created?

From first glance you workflow looks correct,

Have you configured a Cron job(Linux)/ or Scheduled task(Windows) to run against your SuiteCRM instance?

this is required for workflow to function.

Ok, I added the batch file for the scheduler, this works now but only after i run the batch file. So I create a project with a status of not complete, this should trigger a workflow to add a task record. It does this after I run the batch file. But if i add another project it will not perform the workflow unless i run the batch file again. This is even though I have RUN AOW WORKFLOW set to 1 minute in the Schedulers Admin. I waited 5 minutes and reloaded the page.
Am i missing something?

I guess i found it. Had to create a windows scheduled task.
I can only get a CHANGE RECORD task to work, not a CREATE Record. I will battle on.
Happy New year everyone.