Workflow is not working for imported data


I need to create a workflow to do round robin. Whenever a lead is assigned to a particular user, round robin needs to be done. I created a workflow and added the condition as below.

Leads -> Field: Assigned to -> Equals to -> Value = that_user

The work flow is working fine while creating leads from edit view. But when I import, the round robin is not working. We added the username in the assigned to column in the csv file. But the round robin is not performed while importing. How can I do round robin for 10000+ data?


I’m seeing that Workflow is not firing for imported data, only for manually or mass-edit actions. Is this always the case in SuiteCRM?

Ok so I have the same relatively issue.

My condition is New Record and Target List = specific list. If I import Accounts, then Contacts into a Pending Assignment Target list then weekly try to move a certain quantity to a Working List the initial workflow does not fire. If I set it to modified records it does it each time a record in the working list changes. What I am looking for is a way to fire the workflow by assigning the list = to a specific time and thus they are NEW to that new list and or workflow.

It works fine I manually create records but not if I upload and assign to a list.

Did you ever get a solution to this as they are similar?