workflow: howto: when field changes

How do you implement a condition like “when field changes”?

cases can be edited for multiple reasons: assignment …

but I want to record the date when the status last changed.

how would you code such a workflow?

Is there a better way (not a workflow) to implement that feature?


If you make this field audited within Studio, you can click the “View Change Log” button which will tell you when this field was changed, what it was changed to etc.



Thanks, but how I report on that?

What we’ve seen so far is for example another case field may be updated.
For example, let’s say I have a field “Sales Rep” in addition to the assigned_to field.

Let’s say a sales person is replaced by another.
I will want to change the field sales rep so that new sales rep can see all those cases.
aka: suddenly, I got a thousand cases which all have an update date_modified.

If I try to see how is my support team performing, how long do we take to close a case on average,
it is suddenly no longer possible, because on one day, I get a 1000 cases with a date_modified.

So we added another date_field to record the last time the status changed.

In my Sugar Professional instance, I can do “When field changes” as a condition.
how can I do the same in AOW?