Workflow Help Needed: Auto-converting expired leads to "dead" leads

We run a limo company, and after their trip date passes (when event date is “less than” now), we would like SuiteCTM to automatically convert the lead to a “Dead” status. We have tried to create the workflow (see attached screenshot), but it is not working.

Some things to consider:

  1. We do have another workflow which auto-sends an email template.
  2. We had a programmer change the “Event Date” character type from a “varchar” to a “date” so it reveals the “Less Than”, “Greater Than”, etc options (which weren’t being revealed before when it was a “varchar”.

Would the current workflow, as well as the Event Date character type change be the reason our new workflow is not working? Or, perhaps we are simply not setting up the workflow properly.

Please advise.

Correction: We changed the character type from a “varchar” to a “datetime” field, not a “date” field.