Workflow - Help creating a record

Hey guys,

I am looking to create a workflow that does the following:

When a user checks a box (called “Follow Up”) in the calls module, along with filling out follow up date, I want the workflow to create a new record in the calls module, with the date set to what the user entered in the “follow up date” field, along with the assigned users and other fields. I tried creating this, however it didn’t seem to be pulling anything from the original record, or creating the new record at all. Any help creating this would be great.


i think this maybe helpful for you

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Excellent! Thanks. One question for clarification however. So If I have a workflow on the calls module, set to create a record, if I set the following:

Assigned to: Field assigned to

Will the assigned to field on the old record be moved to the new record?


Trying to get this to work so that when the user flags a call for followup it will pull the date and time from the custom field I added to the new record. However it doesn’t appear to be reflecting…