Workflow generated email only includes first word from custom field

Hi, I have a simple workflow which generates a notification email which includes a custom text field from the Leads module

Everything works fine, except only the first word in text fields is being inserted into the email

$lead_bookingdate_c field is just a text field (which is getting populated by Zapier) in the form of ‘February 15, 2017 @ 10:30 am’

My ‘text only’ template is as follows.

Your booking has been confirmed.

Your booking on $lead_bookingdate_c has been confirmed.

Instead of getting the full booking date string, the email is arriving as per

"Your booking has been confirmed.

Your booking on February has been confirmed."

If I remove all spaces from the text value in the field then the email looks as follows:

"Your booking has been confirmed.

Your booking on February15,2017@10:30am, has been confirmed."

Something is clearly messing with the parsing of this text field - how can I get it to include the full value of the field?

I appreciate any assistance with this

SuiteCRM 7.8.1, Ubuntu 16.04

Looks like this is the same problem described here:

If anyone else has the same problem, I fixed the issue by

  • deleting the custom fields which were being truncated
  • adding these fields again with different names
  • recreated the zap in zapier with the new fields
  • update the email template in the workflow to use these new fields