Workflow for timebased event

I want to create workflow which can send all 4 mails, each mail at each week from when new campaign gets created ,
1st mail - week 1
2nd mail -week2
3rd mail -week3
4th mail- week4

Please assist us, we are stuck here from too long time.

Here is how I would do this…

Create two custom fields

  1. Datefield, date of last email.
  2. Dropdown, last email. (Will need a dropdown with like “none sent” “email 1”, “email 2” etc.)
    (You don’t need to show either of these in detailview or editview as they’ll only be used for workflow)

Create five workflows

  1. On creation of a new record, or campaign, or whatever, assign the date of last email to the date of creation. Also, set the last email to “none sent”
  2. When date of last email is < today - 7 days (and last email is “none sent”), send an email and update the date of last email and last email fields. date will be today, last email will be “email 1”
  3. Repeat step 2 for remaining 3 emails with slightly different last email value


Thanks for Your quick reply.

But it may be the case where same contact is associated with multiple campaign and each campaign has associated its different mails needs to be send at different interval.

If we modify date of last email of contact (or any such field), we can;t use it for second campaign.

We need to consider multiple workflow on same record , if they are associated with multiple camapign.

Kindly assist us to solve this problem.


I am still confused where we need to add these two fields.
I mean in contacts or in campaign.

If we add in camapign, then when any new contact come in camapaign, they will not get mail from starting.

They will get mail from where the last email date is set.

Could you please tell us how to handle such case?’


My bad, I read this as being for contacts not campaigns. I really don’t have any experience with SuiteCRM campaigns as we do not use them. I assumed they had the emailing functionality built-in without needing to use the workflow module…


Thanks for your quick replay ,

I have another scenario where also i need to send mails at specific interval.
I have created custom module to manage group. I adds contacts as members in group using another module and relating it with group module.

A new group is started. Each time someone joins the group they get put into the group weekly email. And all contacts under that group needs to be send weekly mail.

I have spent many hours and days. Please assist us or suggest proper way to handle it.