Workflow for task module - using text field as email address

Hi all,

we are using SuiteCRM 7.11.18 and established some workflows to optimize processes.

We are now facing an issue that we cannot solve by configuration and would be happy for advice how to code:

An individual module from task template is used to collect some information.
In dependency of a filled text field (with an email address in it), we want to have a workflow started to send out an automated email to this email address.
Unfortunately one cannot choose a text field as “to”-field in the workflow.

Does anybody know how to let a text field be allowed to sender address of emails in the workflow?

Thanks for any support in advance!

Hi @qivstefan. Welcome to the community!!

Not sure what the answer is. One thing is to try to add custom code to add email type so you can try to use it from workflow: