Workflow for opportunity reminder

Hello All,

Im using SuiteCRM Version 7.10.29 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344).

Been trying to create a remider with workflow using opportunity module but instead of reminder i receive the notification soon the opportunity reach the condition state ignoring second condition.
the workflows i have are:
1st workflow: active, always, new records
on inbound email, actions are assign the email to an user and create opportunity using subject of email as name, user assign, stage as proposal/price-quote, close date set to 60 minutes (for testing) and this one working well.

2nd workflow: active, always, new records
on opportinity, condition for stage proposal/price-quote and condition to close date - 15 minutes. Actions create a task to the user of opportinity.

The second work flow not doing well, so i need a little help to set this up.

Thank you

Hey there,

Have you managed to get this working?

Just want to clarify;

Is it that you want the Reminder Task to be created, when the “Close Date Time” is in 15 minutes?
(ie, Close Date time is 2pm, so the Workflow would fire at 1:45pm)

Or something else?

Currently, I believe the condition:
“Less than or Equal to” “Now” “+” “15 Minutes”

Would fire on all opportunities that have a “Close Date Time” earlier than 15 minutes in the future.

(ie, If the time now is 2pm, all Opportunities that have a close date time of earlier than 2:15 will be fired on)

If you want to restrict it so that it only fires when the “Close Date Time” is in 15 minutes, then please try:
“Greater than or Equal to” “Now” “-” “15 Minutes”

(A good way to think of it is that “Less than” equates to “Earlier Than”
and “Greater than” equates to “Later Than”, when used with Date/Time fields.)