workflow for meeting

Hi there,
I have created a workflow that takes information from a quote and creates a meeting. I have created two custom fields for start date and end date in the quotes module, and the workflow successfully brings through the start date, but the end date will not pass through.
any ideas ?


  • Version 7.2.2
    Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001)
  • linux hosting
  • PHP Version 5.3.29

Can’t see anything wrong with the way you’ve set it up. Are there any errors either in your suitecrm log or Apache log when the work flow runs that might give a clue to what’s going wrong?

Thanks for the reply.
I think it has to do with the “duration hours” as the log show the insert of the start date being correct but the “duration_hours” is showing 0.
I have tried to map the duration hours in workflows but it does not show up in the studio under meetings, so this must be hard coded somewhere?
any ideas regarding the meetings module ?

Thanks… :unsure:

Thu Apr 28 08:43:26 2016 [981132][2f250e8d-e60d-9c72-40a9-5705d44cf1fb][INFO] Query:INSERT INTO meetings (id,name,date_entered,date_modified,modified_user_id,created_by,deleted,join_url,host_url,creator,external_id,duration_hours,date_start,date_end,status,type,reminder_time,email_reminder_time,email_reminder_sent,sequence,repeat_interval)
VALUES (‘c3d8b7b7-36d1-2d47-f138-57215ca6b8a8’,‘test-more’,‘2016-04-28 00:43:26’,‘2016-04-28 00:43:26’,‘2f250e8d-e60d-9c72-40a9-5705d44cf1fb’,‘2f250e8d-e60d-9c72-40a9-5705d44cf1fb’,0,’’,’’,’’,’’,0,‘2016-04-27 23:00:00’,‘2016-04-27 23:00:00’,‘Confirmed’,‘Sugar’,-1,-1,0,0,1)
Thu Apr 28 08:43:26 2016 [981132][2f250e8d-e60d-9c72-40a9-5705d44cf1fb][INFO] Query Execution Time:0.0025010108947754

I’ve tested in a test server running 7.5.3 and it works. I don’t have the field status and activity type in meetings.

best regads