Workflow for importing Emails to Contacts

Hi All,

i have tried setting up a workflow to attache/import emails which are send in BCC to a CRM only email adress.

So for Example


Subject: whatever hier

Now i have added the account to collobaration /emails which is currently showing up fine as it is a basic Email account.

Basicaly what the Workflow should do ist the manual “import to CRM” Function which you get on right click on the email.

My Conditions should look like something like this

IF Email address in To = Email address from a Contact

Then add email to Contact and delete from server.

Now comes the catch iam not getting setup up the above mentioned conditons. Some how the moduls dont give me the options id like.

Ive Tried the inbound emails modul but i cant tghe the conditions to be set up.

any thoughts on how to achive this?