Workflow for follow-up emails does not trigger as expected

I am trying to setup a follow-up email for a new lead coming in. This email should be sent for instance 1 day after the lead was created.
For testing I set the delay on 3 minutes (instead of 1 day).
You can see my settings in the attached screenshot.

I would expect that the follow-up email was sent 3 minutes aprox. after creating the new lead.

The actual behaviour is that the email is sent right away when the new lead is created, no delay.

Cronjob seems to be setup correctly, other worklfows do work fine.

Any ideas where to look for getting this to work?
Thanks a lot for any help!

SuiteCRM Version: 7.2.2
PHP Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.28

Is the field Fecha de Creacion the standard Date of Creation field or is it a Custom field? And, if it is a custom field, is it a date field or another type of field? Is the value empty allowed? Does it contain also the minutes or just the plain date?

Another potential issue: at what intervals does your cron job run?

Hi amariussi,
thanks a lot for your reply!
The field “Fecha de Creacion” is the standard “Date Created” field (Data Type: (datetime) ), the value is not empty and there are always the minutes recorded.
Cron job intervals are set to “As often as possible”.

The same happens when I set the delay to “x” days: the email is sent out immediately on creation of the new lead.

Any other ideas how to fix this?

Have you checked the SuiteCRM and Apache logs?

For testing purposes could you remove the other two conditions?

Additionally you could try to create another similar workflow and see if it works.

Apparently there was an issue for a similar situation (see here: ) that has been fixed in version 7.4.3.

However you say that the date is never empty.

hi amariussi,
thanks for your comments, I will digg deeper into this issue.