Workflow error when using campaing_log


I am trying to create a workflow to send an email and create a new task based on a campaign email being viewed or click-thru link being click.

When I create the workflow based on new record I see an error in sugarcrm.log with SQL statement. the SQL is referring to date_entered when the campaign_log table uses activity_date.

Query Failed: SELECT AS id FROM campaign_log WHERE campaign_log.activity_type = ‘viewed’ AND campaign_log.date_entered > ‘2015-01-12 23:01:33’ AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM aow_processed WHERE aow_processed.aow_workflow_id=‘69d6cbf8-3c7b-b753-06e6-54b452d7f3fc’ AND AND aow_processed.status = ‘Complete’ AND aow_processed.deleted = 0) AND campaign_log.deleted = 0 : MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘campaign_log.date_entered’ in ‘where clause’

Anyone know how I can solve this? Where is the SQL statement being generated from? Maybe I could alter that file.


Did you find a solution? I’ve just run into this also. I see a campaign (mainly a test) for 17 recipients has only sent to 5. The rest are in the queue as ‘Processing’ but not sending for several hours so far. When I look at the log at the send-time, I’m finding the same error you posted.


Do either of you mind sharing your workflow? I’m trying to do something similar.

Also, date_entered doesn’t seem to exist on my campaign_log table (MSSQL).

As far as firing workflows on the campaign_log table, it only works when set to run on ALL RECORDS (not New/Modified).

If anybody can give some tips on running actions on the applicable Target, I’d appreciate it.