Workflow - [ERROR] fromUser: Conversion of 2022-10-26 16:26:40 from user format Y-m-d h:i a failed

I’ve been fighting this for quite a while, and I believe I’ve tracked down the cause.

When Creating a Call Log in an Account Record (as an example), I’m getting this error several times in the error log.
[ERROR] fromUser: Conversion of 2022-10-26 16:26:40 from user format Y-m-d h:i a failed

I’ve read all the topics in this forum, hand struggled to isolate the cause, but I now know the cause:
I have a workflow rule that ‘sets’ a field (datetime - “Last Owner Connect Date”) in the Account Record, when the Call Log is entered.

Here are my workflow settings:

I’ve verified that BOTH of these Fields are of type “Datetime”

This is creating many, many errors in the log, but the functionality seems to be working fine.

I’ve verified my PHP.ini is set to the right timezone:
I’ve tried all the permutations of time format settings in the User record, and in the Locale settings.

Any help??

Thanks a million!!!


do you have a debugger connected to your instance?

Even if you don’t, you could try getting a basic stack trace of that error, this would point you to the place in the code where it’s happening, but with more context (where it’s being called from)

Is this with all users, or a specific user? I’ve ran into an issue where I have a couple of staff that change their date/time format preferences and it’s caused issues with a few bean loads I’ve done. Would it be possible to wrap your workflow field in a calculated field and force the correct format of the date?

I’ve tried various date formats in the user record…and I’ve tried multiple users.

Interesting concept though, to calulate the date with a calculated field…

Isn’t it odd though, that the ‘Datetime’ field in both fields wouldn’t match??

Date created being system field, other being custom - yeah funky for sure, but possible it’s using a system date/time format for the one and another format for the other? This way you can control the formatting on the way in.