Workflow Email to Custom Field for a Record

Is there any way to specify in a workflow for an email to go to a field OTHER than “record email”?

I am capturing a record email, but am also creating a custom field that I would like to send a different email to for each record.


You mean an address which is not fixed? A different one for each record, but not the email stored in the record?

Let me explain what I’m doing with a bit more detail. I’m fairly new to SuiteCRM and programming in general, so I apologize if my question is confusing or if I am not entirely understanding your question.

My concern is with the leads module. I have an email parser set up that creates a new lead in SuiteCRM whenever we receive an emailed lead. From that email, I am capturing two fields: the client’s regular email address and their cell phone number.

I have set up a separate SMS to email program, so through the email parser, I’m capturing and creating a separate email address of [cell phone number]@[ourdomain], to which I can send an email, which ends up as an SMS to the lead. I call this field “SMS email”

Through workflow, I am able to send an automated email to the lead’s record email, which is their normal email address.

I am trying to figure out how to use workflow to the “SMS email” field for each new lead, so that I can essentially send them a text message.

Ok, your explanation is clear, I get it.

With some development you can create custom actions for your Workflow:

Or you can create a logic_hook and do everything there, without a Workflow.

It’s a simple customization, but it does take some development work, I don’t think there’s any way to achieve what you want “out-of-the-box”…

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Sorry. I’m not good with code but I’m trying to solve the issue.

Can you write a quick logic hook for me to send email using any template ID.

email should be sent to a custom field which is in contacts module in relation with cases using Created By Contact field.

I’ll use this logic hook in after_save AOP case updates

I’ll be highly thankful

Thank you in advance