Workflow email relate fields

I have discovered that the email template for a workflow does not seem to be able to show fields from relate fields. For example, let’s say I add a ‘Project Manager’ user relate field to the Opportunity module. If I then try create a workflow email and add insert the Opportunity ‘Project Manager’ field into the template, when the email is delivered it shows the user record id of the related field for the Project Manager. Is there some way of specifying the field to display from the related field within the email template?

to demonstrate that I’m not expecting someone just to tell me how to do this, I have spent hours hunting around the internet and looking at the code. I spotted that the basic template vardefs has this definition:

  array (
    'name' => 'modified_by_name',
    'vname' => 'LBL_MODIFIED_NAME',
    'type' => 'relate',
    'table' => 'users',
    'id_name' => 'modified_user_id',
    'massupdate' => false,
	'inline_edit' => false,

which I assume is what I need to do but for the project manager id i.e. create a new field called Project Manager name and have this populated with user_name from the users table but this doesn’t seem to be working :confused: