Workflow, email notification send to user group related to record

Hi, is there a way for workflow email notification to send out emails to all users of the group “the record belongs to” or at least the record creator’s user group. System allows to explicitly define which group or roles to send, for a particular scheduler workflow. Currently we send only to record creator and escalate to PIC. Have some 10-20 standarized workflow flows & about 90 user groups, so explicitly define each is a no go.
Eg. contracts module, on certain conditions, escalate and send email to all users in the user group of that particular contract.
Any idea would help, thanks.

Do you have anybody that can do a bit of PHP for you? Logic hooks are basically like Workflows but you get all the power of PHP and SuiteCRM Beans, you can do anything.

Will put this in the list for development. Thanks for the input.