WorkFlow Email / Date Error

I created a workflow to email me when a new records gets created in a custom module. I get an error. The record/module doesn’t have anything to do with dates. I also changed my user date and format many times with no fix. I use to be able to create workflows with emails without issue. I havent changed any cron jobs or anything of that nature.

Thu Oct 1 14:05:50 2020 [27014][1][ERROR] fromUser: Conversion of 2020-10-01 14:05:50 from user format m-d-Y h:i a failed


I’ve found a few posts in the past with similar errors:

A common suggestion seems to be checking that the timezone config matches between the Web Server's php.ini the PHP CLI, (on which crontab runs)

(See: DateTime Format using Workflow is wrong format)

Would you be able to double check this?

Alternatively, have you tried saving a record with this workflow disabled?

If so, do you still see the error?

You mentioned previously being able to create workflows without issue

Are you aware of anything that may have changed in the environment since then?
(ie: CRM Upgrade, Web Server changes, etc)