Workflow doesn't trigger logic hook

If you have a workflow that modifies a record of a specific module (e.g. Accounts) combined with a logic hook for that module (e.g. before_save or after_save) then the logic hook won’t be triggered from the workflow.


  • Create a simple workflow which changes the value of the description field of an account to “MY NEW VALUE” when its current value equals “CHANGE ME”
  • Create a logic hook for Accounts (before_save or after_save) and let it output the value of the description field
  • Edit an existing account and change its description to “CHANGE ME” so that the condition in the workflow becomes TRUE
  • Save the account

Now the record is saved using the new value for the description field. After it has been saved the workflow kicks in and changes the value to “MY NEW VALUE”.

However, notice that the logic hook is only triggered once. After the manual save action, that is. The output of the logic hook will be “CHANGE ME”. You would expect the logic hook to be triggered again, this time by the workflow resulting in an output of “MY NEW VALUE”, but it will not happen.

Is this a bug in SuiteCRM?

Anyone? I can’t be the first one to combine a workflow with a logic hook :huh:

I am having the same issue, if I edit the record the logic hook works well but with schedule workflows that modified the record the logic hook does not run.

I reapeated the same logic hook before and after save but all seam that the trigger does not work.