workflow does not update the dropdown in another module


It seems that my workflow is not updating the dropdown field.

Example I am setting up a meeting for a contact.
I am expecting that the workflow will update the dropdown field under Contacts module.

I have already added the relationship in the workflow but it is still now working.
Am I missing something?

What are the conditions linked with this Update?
Are these conditions being fulfilled?



Yes the condition is met.

I just tried a simple condition

meeting subject = “aaa”
meeting parent id not equal to ‘’ (blank)

It should update the value of a dropdown in the related contact but it is not working.

But if it was able to update a text field in the related contact…

It seems that the workflow can’t update the dropdown field.

Is here something in the Log files?
Which version of SuiteCRM you have setup?


Sorry for the late reply.

I already noticed what was happening.

I am currently having issues in running the workflow to new records.

It is fine with modified records but not in ‘new records’.

The Scheduler is running fine. As I checked, there is a job log.


I already found the issue which I should have added another condition to trigger it.
So sorry as I was confused with this.