Workflow - Date conditions


I’m running SuiteCRM 7.10.9 and trying to create workflow which check date and create some records.

I tried condition Date Is less than or equal to Date Today - it didn’t work although it should. I replaced Today with Now but got same result.
So I tried condition Date Greater than Today - it didn’t work.

I had initialized date and i find it weird that none of those two conditions didn’t worked.

When i put the condition Date Equals to Value 10/1/2018 the workflow works.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


Maybe you’re getting this issue?

You can confirm it by checking your logs, to see if there’s a similar error there.

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as they say on GitHub I commented the line with “$params = [null];” in AOW_WorkFlow.php and now it WORKS :slight_smile:

I’m also experiencing this issue after upgrading to 7.10.10 and followed the fix of commenting out //$params = [null];

Line 443 in AOW_Workflow.php and my date specific workflows now run properly.