Workflow custom module

Hi all,

I am using just a week Suite crm and came from many years working with Vtiger and build my own Vtiger app.
I still wonder how it happened that I did not bumped in to Suite crm, what a nice product!

Anyway I have a problem, I have made a custom module with studio and that works fine.
I have made a workflow for the custom module but that does not work.
I have tried many things but non of them seems to work.

As an example, I have made a workflow with no conditions, run: always, run on: modified records and as action I selected the field description, selected then value and put in the textfield: test now. I have not added a relationship in that screen. Then I hit save.

When I make a workflow for an exciting module that works fine.

Actions that I have made:

  • In the suitecrm.log I cannot find related errors.
  • Under admin I went to repair and rebuild things.
  • Logged in as admin
  • Workflow assigned to administrator
  • The custom module was made under admin
  • Searched in topics/google

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Ow and I am using the latest stable version.

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada: and thanks for the kind words!

Have you set up your scheduler jobs yet?

You’ll find instructions specific to your system in Admin / Schedulers, at the bottom.

Reading the posts and answers about subjects that I bumped in while discovering Suite crm and it’s possibilities these past couple of days I should thank you and the team for your time and effort in the community and product so thank you!

I have looked at it and if I am not mistaken I have 2 options.

  • I would have to make a function (I am not a coder but what I have seen I understand a little bit but I don’t know how to apply it with my custom module)
  • Other option is to use in the module scheduler the job: url but I cannot find anything about it that explains how to use that and how a syntax would look like.

The function what I have in mind is when a certain member of security group(A) assigns a record to a member of an other security group(B) that it deducts 1 value in a field and when security group(A) would assign the record to an other security group(let’s say C) or admin that it adds 1 value in that specific field. And if security group(A) would assign the record from a member of security group (B) to an other member of security group(B) that it does nothing with the amount of that specific field.

The module that I have made is for lending boardgames or when used at the boardgame night that you can see the amount that is available at that moment.

I would know how to make the workflow for it.

What would you suggest?
I could ask a friend of my to look at it but he is not familiar with Suite crm but he is a php coder.

With kind regards,


Before going into any answers specific to your case, I was trying to establish if your installation is working properly, that’s why I asked about your Schedulers configuration.

In your first post you mention Workflows don’t work - and Schedulers are needed for many kinds of Workflows (not all).

I figured it out…

This is the solution for me.
If you go to the workflow module and click on the workflow that you have made, you will see the detailed field. There I selected: Repeated runs. After that I tried again to assign a user and did what it should do!

With kind regards,