Workflow - Creating New Portal Account from Contact Only Once

Although I have asked a very similar question, I wanted to place what I have done here to double check that it was correct too.

So, presuming that a new contact has to be created from a case before a portal user can automatically be set up and a portal account Emailed out, I have set up for this part a workflow that:

Uses Workflow Module Contacts
Runs on New Records
Repeated Runs Unticked
Run Always

Actions: 1 Create Portal User Create Record

I presume that bit is correct? How do I ensure that this only runs once when checking for a new contact as I do not want to generate a different portal account per case raised by the end user? Will this also automatically generate a portal account Email? Thanks.

It should be solved by adding a custom control field. Default value is for new records and you change it to something else on your workflow…

Hope it helps.



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