workflow - creating a call

I am tying to create an automated call entry to a current client.

Two issues have come up (mainly to my understanding)

1 - How do I have the workflow create a call when the file has not been modified(new emails, calls, meetings or emails) for more than 90 days?

I created a condition:
Calls: Date Modified: Greater than: Value: ???

I do not want to enter a date, as the date is a moving target. I tried entering a number : 90 (for 90 days), but this was not accepted.

2 - I have accounts that are no longer active clients. How can I set things to avoid these accounts?

3 - When it asks for the workflow module, how does one know which one to choose? How is this decision based?

Thanks for any pointers you can share.



You would generally do this by using the condition “Date Modified Less Than or Equal To Date Now - 90 Days”. This will then fire on any records that haven’t been modified in 90 days.

You can set a condition to only include active clients. How this looks will depend on how inactive clients are tracked.

The workflow module is whatever module you wish the workflow to fire on. I.e if you wanted to fire when a call is changed this would be the “Calls” module.

If you wanted to do something anytime a case was created with Priority 1 the workflow module would be Cases.

Hope this helps,


Hello Jim

Thanks for your comments. They helped me out, and of course, raised a question or two:)

1 - I was able to fix my workflow to adapt your idea for the calls/tasks/meetings/email that had not been modified for 90 days.

The idea is that if I have not contacted them in one way or another, the workflow will create a callfor that client, so that I will have a new call to make, made by the system. Right?

2 - As for the active vs inactive client, that was part of my question. How can I differentiate them from being active vs. being inactive? There does not seem to be a tick box, or a drop downmenu that allows be to choose active or inactive.

The only thing that I can think of, might be to choose a field, and designate a alphanumerial code to equal a given code for active. If this is active, then create new call,if all other conditions are also met.

3 - as for which workflow to choose, this is still unclear to me.
- I want to create a new call if there is no activity for the past 90 days.
- I will create this in the account that has no activity.
- I will confirm that taks/email/calls/meetings have no new entries
- I will confirn that he is active
- then I will create a call in the account.

Would the workflow be

I presume account,because the action will be placed in the account level of a given client.,

I still do not get the logic, or reasoning to choose one workflow vs. another.

Thanks for any and all help.