Workflow conditions

Hello everybody, I need a Help!
I was wondering if is it possible to stamp a date in a field (let’s call it: date_custom) when a field change his value ONLY from VALUE A to VALUE B.
Thank you! B-)

With an after_save logic hook, surely yes.

With a Workflow, I’m not sure. You can make conditions but I don’t think there is a way to access the previous value of a field, only the new value. Of course, you can work around this by having another custom field “previousValue” and updating it in a second Workflow. You could use this field for the condition on the first Workflow.

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Thank you pgr;i think i’ll try to make a logikhook.
Have you got some easy tutorial to make a simple one?
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I guess the Logic hooks chapter in the Developer Guide should get you going.

You will also find many examples online, I believe.