Workflow - Conditions to send delayed email went wrong?

Hi everyone, i have been trying to create a workflow to send a delayed email / warning email after a period of “X” days. I have searched through the forum and and tried some of the solution but still couldn’t get it to work.

My objective is to achieve point 2 [project tasks>delayed email] however, i decided to use point 1 to test the delay email as point 2 is “live” right now to avoid causing confusion to the existing state.

  1. For testing: Product > send email to user “3” days later.
  2. Actual workflow : Project tasks> send email to user “7 days” later after start date is entered.


  1. Kindly advise whether where i did wrong so that i could do the necessary rectification.
  2. Also the testing of this workflow take up quite some time, is it possible to test this delayed email in “mins” rather than days?

The first thing I would try is to avoid using the “equals” operator to compare dates. Try a greater than or a lesser than, whichever makes sense there.