workflow: condition never triggers on datetime field = 'now'

Hi, all!

I have a conditional trigger based on the Datetime field. And it is never triggers on conditions like ‘Datetime field’ = ‘Now’, or ‘Datetime field’ = ‘Now’ +/- …
though it triggers OK if using =>, <=, >, <

The crontab configured as suggested to be run on every minute (* * * * * www-data …)

what i am doing wrong?

“now” refers to the exact moment in which the cronjob is run. So it is very unlikely (unless you run it every second) that the date set in a field will ever be equal to “now”.

So, if you want that the condition triggers something:
. BEFORE then use something like: Date_Field <= now + time interval before the Date_Field
. AFTER then use something like: Date_Field <= now - time interval after the Date_Field
. ON THE SAME DATE /TIME then use something like: Date_Field <= now (in this case the precision will depend on the frequency at which your cronjob runs)

ok, thanks

but … i cant dynamically get time interval before/after out from interface. or can?

lets say, we have Date_Field set to 01 sep 2015 22:00

every suggested constructions Date_Field <= now ± … (fixed by interface number of minutes/days/etc…)

will be run every minute from ‘now’ - interval to Date_filed for .BERORE and .ON THE SAME
and till infinite for every minute frome ‘Now’ + interval… for. AFTER

or not?

I am sorry but I am not sure I understand what yo are trying to say. Could you be more clear please?

Maybe you are worried that, once the condition is met, then the action will be executed every other time the condition is met (which means always).

To be 100% sure you can add a custom boolean field which is set to TRUE when the condition is met so, if in your condition you also check for that field you will be fine.
In any case, you shouldn’t have the problem.