Workflow Complete / Fail / Repeated Runs question

I have a workflow which is designed to send emails to people who are entered as delegates for an event.

The workflow seems to complete fine as soon as I add the first delegate to the event, and they are then sent an email as per the workflow. At this point under Process Audit the status switches from failed to complete.

If a few hours / days later I then add a second delegate to the same event, it seems to ignore them completely and they don’t get sent the email. It’s as if being complete means the workflow will never run again, even on records that have never triggered it.

I thought maybe Repeated Runs would help, but when I do that the delegates then all receive the same email again and again every 5 minutes. (and it appears to build up a massive process audit log very quickly).

What is the solution to this as I can’t be the first person wanting to do something like this?



Hey @Andyg!

Yeah, you’ll need the repeated runs but you must set a “off” trigger for those already who have been added. So within your example when you add a delegate the workflow triggers, but there is no indication on the record itself that “hey, I’ve already been done” so when the next time the workflow is triggered it will keep sending emails because there is nothing in the workflow conditions saying… do until TRUE.

One of the community members did a real good blog post about explaining the workflow attributes. Hope it helps.

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Great, really appreciate the feedback, and I’ll check out the article.