Workflow change case status after x hours

How i can do that :

  1. a case status is changed by user to “Pending input” at date X
  2. workflow must change the status to “close” after 48h of point 1.


You need to first add a workflow that will set a custom date field when the status is changed. You would then create a second workflow that would check if the status is still Pending input and also check if the date field is ‘Less than or Equal’ to Now minus 48 hours. If both conditions are met have the action change the status to closed.

I have added an example picture of a workflow that checks if the Last Value Call date field is more than one day old and the Contact Frequency drop down is set to daily and the Value call Flag is unchecked. If all conditions are met is sends an email to the assigned user.

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Great, thank you :wink: