Workflow Calculated Fields - Dependent fields


I hope someone can assist,

We have a dropdown list in Quotes “New or Renewal Business” and then a date field with “Expiry Date”

If New Business is selected in the dropdown, I dont want the “Expiry Date” field to show at all
If Renewal Business is selected in dropdown, I want the “Expiry Date” field to appear (as a required field) that must be filled in

Can someone please assist with a suitable formula in Workflow module, I’ve tried InList, ifThenElse, equal - but nothing seems to work

Your assistance would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think you’re looking for a Workflow, because Workflows change things in the “back-office”, without user intervention.

What you describe is a screen behavior that is normally achieved by adding some Javascript to the view, to react to user selections and enable/disable screen elements accordingly. Are you a developer?

I have elaborated the solution for a similar requirement here: