Workflow Birthday Email

Hello everyone,
I have created a workflow that should automatically send a birthday email.
To do this, I created a Next_Birthday field in Contacts. The condition would be if Next_Birthday = Today then email sent. Then set the field to +12 months.
So far so good… but it doesn’t work… maybe somebody has an idea…

With date comparisons you always want to use a “greater than” or a “lesser than”, not an “equals”, otherwise they won’t match unless it’s the exact same hours, minutes and seconds.

I can never compute in my mind if I should use a “greater than” or a “lesser than”, so I just try both and see which one works. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this hint. I think the real reason my workflow isn’t working is that we can’t access the contact’s email address.

You can (should) test these things separately. One workflow testing to get the condition right, with a simple action that will always visibly succeed.

Then one other worfklow that does not have conditions, and and sends the email.

Only when you have both working, you put them together.

Sorry for just having generic advice, I don’t know the exact answer to solve your problem.