Workflow - Assigning to a user variable? Not a specific user


I Want to be able to send an email when a task has been assigned to a user, that is a lot more sophisticated then the standard email. So I have created a workflow. Please see the attached Screenshot as an example.

The Problem is that I seem not to be able to say select any user and send that user an email.

I have say 40-50 users who can receive tasks. Do I have to create a workflow for each and every one of them saying when it’s assigned to X user then X user gets an email or is there a way of saying if any user is assigned a task send THAT USER my new email.


Sorry my fault Again:

I presume I need to set it to:-

TO: RELATED FIELD: USER ASSIGNED TO: So that’s sending it to the person it’s assigned to :slight_smile:

now I just need to ensure it sends the email every time create or modify a task :slight_smile: I’m hoping Date Modified will cover all of these