Workflow assigned-to "special" round robin

In need to config a workflow to assign leads to users with round robin strategy but I need one of the users to be assigned with less leads (the user should receive half leads than other users).

How could I deal with this?

I don’t know, but I would look into creating a custom AOW_Action, or into customizing currently used code (distRoundRobin function, perhaps?)

How many leads per day - roughly? How many users to share between?

Have you got this part working already? (if yes - do share your set-up -so that others can learn - and maybe someone will see how to extend it for your specific need to have ‘un-equal round-robin.’

Here is one possible solution using SuitecRM’s built in Workflow modue - it may not work… just an idea

Benefit -it can be configured through the GUI - no PHP or coding.
Drawback - It would need some who is comfortable with the complexities of the ‘Calculated fields’ features of Workflow. And probably best if only 2 or 3 or 4 users, getting leads.

a) apply the leads 'round robin;

b) add another Workflow to re-allocate from the one user, to the others:

  • that has CONDITION on new leads that day - leads for ‘less-busy-user’,
  • in it’s ACTION clause it uses IF/THEN and the ‘Global Counter per user’ to decide who gets the Lead.