Workflow and Cron

I have setup Workflow and I have no clue if Cron is running. I create a workflow with some condition that would have it create a task for today and when I update a contact to meet that condition it creates a task and displays on the actual workflow, however when I go to scheduler and look at workflow it says that it has never been run and the jobs log is empty. could it bee that when you save a record it automatically checks workflow in the process of saving and runs the workflow that one time and it isnt actually being run under scheduler.

Is there a way to tell if cron is actually loading and running with no errors.

I am on windows and IIS so cron is run as a url under job scheduler at the hosting site cpanel.

If there is no audit trail of scheduler running and the status is active and the interval is short … then it is likely to br cron related … consult your cpanel help for information on your particular cron methods

Thanks for the quick reply